Храмове свято 13 грудня 2015

Дорогі друзі !
Щиросердечно запрошуємо вас усіх на наше Храмове свято у неділю , 13 грудня 2015 .
Святочна літургія об 11:00 ранку , опісля смачний святковий обід .
Ласкаво запрошуємо всіх давніх добрих друзів і нових
новоприбулих до СФ та околиць людей !
Приходьте , приводьте своїх дітей ! Не виключно , що на свято завітає і сам Св. Миколай !

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Ukrainian Independence Day


Let’s Celebrate and Toast to

Ukrainian Independence Day!

Come! Join Us!

Date: Sunday, August 30, 2015, after concert in Golden Gate park

Location: 110 Brussels Street, San Francisco (Corner with Silliman Street)

Phone: (415)-468-2601

Sponsored by: Holy Family Sisterhood – Ukrainian Catholic Church



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Memorial Service for Mykola Kis

Mrs. Stephanie Kis wishes to announce that she is planning a one year memorial service for her late husband, Pan Mykola Kis, on Sunday, February 8th, at the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Liturgy will be held at 11:30am followed by a Memorial Service by Fr.Petro Dyachok. A memorial luncheon will follow at about 1:15pm.

Everyone is invited..

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Church Clean-Up Day


Save the date of December 6th at 11 am for our annual church clean-up day.  A special focus this year will be on cleaning out and going through kitchen utensils to clear out the church of unneeded items. We have cleaning supplies, but you are free to bring your own.

Thanks in advance for your support and time.

Place questions here if you have any. Feel free to add this event to your Calendar.

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