Watching “Genocide Revealed” documentary

81th Commemorative Anniversary of the Ukraine famine

Sat, Nov 22, 2014 (2pm-4pm)
San Francisco Main Library, Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Room

The genocidal famine in Ukraine known as the Holodomor (from the Ukrainian holod meaning “hunger, starvation, famine” and moryty meaning “to induce suffering, to kill”) was caused by the cruel actions and policies of the totalitarian Stalinist regime.
To remember the victims and bring public awareness to the most damning episode in the ruthless and tragic history of the Soviet power, the Ukrainian-American Community of San Francisco and Northern California respectfully offers this program to commemorate the 81st year of this man-made famine-genocide.

A Commemorative Program Featuring:
Screening of the acclaimed documentary Genocide Revealed by Yurij Luhovy
Remarks by Dr. Oleh Weres as a public member of the official “Work of the U.S. Government Commission on the Ukraine Famine of 1932-1933. In Memoriam Dr. James Edward Mace, 1952-2004.”

The event is sponsored by the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco.

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