Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church

Pastoral Council

by Fr. Roman Bobesiuk

The Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches – promulgated in 1990 by Pope John Paul II to provide for the canonical discipline of the Eastern Catholic Churches – incorporates the conciliar directive into the general law of the Church and implements it canonically:

In the parish there are to be appropriate councils dealing with pastoral and financial matters, in accord with the norms of the particular law of its own Church sui iuris, [that is, the Ukrainian Catholic Church]

(canon 295).

According to Pastoral Guide for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the USA, Art. 107:

In each parish, there should be established a pastoral council, in part composed of a number of parishioners of either sex, in part elected by the parishioners and appointed by the pastor. The number of members will be established by the Eparchial Bishop for each parish depending on the number of parishioners.
The task assigned to the pastoral council is to assist the pastor with their advice and practical cooperation in matters pertinent to the pastoral work in the parish and eparchy.
Their votes are advisory only, and do not bind the pastor.
The pastoral council is not involved with the management of the property and revenue of the parish, for which there is to be
established a parish stewardship council or financial committee.

Members of Pastoral Council:

1. Taras Turiv (head of the Council)
2. Taras Kurdyna (secretary of the Council)
3. Dennis Conrad
4. Andrii Fil
5. Maria Iskiw
6. Tetiana Kaut
7. Yarema Kuzyshyn
8. Tetiana Ladnik
9. Roman Rychahivskyi
10. Volodymyr Valchuk

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