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A Saint Worthy of Emulation: Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk)

by Fr. Roman Bobesiuk
How many times in life were we discouraged, did let down our hands, and were certain that we weren’t capable of changing anything in ourselves or something around us anymore. In those instances it is very important to look at the examples of saints, who went through all trials, difficulties and temptations, persevering all the way to the very end, because they trusted God.
Precisely, trust in God, is something we can emulate in the saints. And, by their example as well, we should learn to trust God increasingly more. Then He finds the means by which to bring us out of our trials or temptations, along with approaches to help us overcome them. Therefore, no matter how many misfortunes converge on our life, or to what extent circumstances might worsen, let us remember that the Lord is always with us. And there are no impossible things for Him.
As Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself was tested, and as He also gave all His saints the strength to pass through trials, so He will give strength to each one of us, when we continue to trust Him!
+ Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk)
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