Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church

The value of Eternal Life

by Fr. Roman Bobesiuk
We know that when we receive something for free, we do not appreciate it. And when we work hard and put effort into obtaining it, then we understand the value of our achievements better. Most likely, we do not realize the value of eternal life as well, because we have received our salvation for free, given us by God.
Let us remember that we are endowed with the opportunity to live forever; God gives us this as a gift. He paid a very great price for this gift through His suffering and agony, through scourging, torture, crucifixion, and at the end by His death on the cross.
Out of the great mercy of God, we are partakers of eternity, but how conscious are we of the dear price Jesus Christ paid for this?
+ Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk)

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