Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church

An Examination of Conscience for Children

by Fr. Roman Bobesiuk

Examination of Conscience for Children based on the Ten Commandments

Make God the most important thing in your life.
Is God the most important thing in my life, or have I made other things in my life more important than God?
Do I remember to talk to God every day?
Do I choose what God wants for me over what I want for myself?

Use God’s name the right way.
Do I speak God’s name or Jesus’ name respectfully?
Have I spoken God’s name or Jesus’ name inappropriately when I was angry or to impress my friends?

Make Sunday a day to worship God.
Have I tried my best to worship God at Divine Liturgy by singing, praying the prayers with the community, and listening?
Have I misbehaved during Divine Liturgy?

Love your parents and follow their rules.
Have I obeyed my parents—even when they are not looking?
Have I talked back to my parents?

Be kind to the people and animals God made.
How have I been kind or unkind to others?
Do I share what I have with others?
Have I solved disagreements in a peaceful way?
Have I fought with anyone?

Be respectful in the things you do.
Do I show respect for others in what I do and say?
Do I show respect for and cooperate with my teachers?
Do I care for my health and follow safety rules?

Take care of other people’s things; don’t take what belongs to someone else.
How have I respected other people’s things?
Have I taken something that doesn’t belong to me?

Tell the truth.
Do I tell the truth?
Have I told a lie or things that were only partly true?

Think good thoughts and say good words.
Have I thought good thoughts and said good words?
Have I told or listened to any dirty jokes?
Have I watched any movies or shows that I shouldn’t have seen?
Do I try to keep my mind on good things?

Be happy with the things you have.
Am I happy with what I have or do I always want more?
Have I been jealous of what other people have?

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